Highland Park 16 year old Twisted Tattoo

Note de dégustation
Note de dégustation


Sweet vanilla, Sun-ripened peaches, Summer berries, Full-bodied red wine, Light peat smoke


For the first time, weve married whisky matured in oak casks seasoned with Spanish Rioja wine 153 casks in total with whisky matured in 70 first-fill bourbon casks. The result is TWISTED TATTOO 16 Year Old, a rich and full-bodied single malt whisky with a distinctively different character.

Tattoos are a vital part of our cultural heritage today. They tell the world who we are, without saying a word. In collaboration with Danish tattoo artist and modern day Viking Soul, Colin Dale, we created the bold design for this whisky, which celebrates the tattoo as a mark of both standing apart and being part of a tribe just like Highland Park. Colins intricate design is inspired by the free-flowing Nordic knotwork found on Viking wood carvings and reflects the Norse legend of the Midgard serpent, which grew so large it twisted round the Earth to grasp its tail in its mouth.

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