Highland Park Spirit Of The Bear

Note de dégustation
Note de dégustation


Bright golden straw


Smoky peat, cedar wood and peardrops with heather notes


Smoky peat, root ginger, freshly grated nutmeg and sweet vanilla


Lingering aromatic smokiness and ginger with a slight sweetness


Our collection is inspired by the animals that held iconic status for the Vikings who ruled Orkney for over 600 years.

Our ancestors admired the resilience and independence of the bear, and its highly developed instinct for survival.

These characteristics of resilience and independence, inherited from our Viking ancestors, sit at the heart of how we make our whisky today and are reflected in the intense smokiness and bold spiciness of SPIRIT OF THE BEAR.

Created by Gordon Motion, Master Whisky Maker.

Character primarily driven by sherry seasoned American oak casks giving the whisky flavours of sweet vanilla, nutmeg and ginger which balance its aromatic smokiness.

Made with a higher proportion of our local Orkney peated malt giving the whisky a more intense aromatic smokiness.

Our peat is hand-cut from Hobbister Moor,
only 7 miles from the distillery, and is rich in heather rather than wood as no trees can survive the ferocious winds that batter our islands throughout the year.

Natural colour of bright golden straw driven entirely by the casks.

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