Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Note de dégustation
Note de dégustation


Hints of smoke, sherry and fruitcake


Soft and mellow with sherry, honey and vanilla notes


peatiness with dark chocolate overtones


The rarest and most exclusive blend from the House of Walker, Blue Label represents the art of distillers and blenders working together at their highest level of expertise. Only one in ten thousand casks are of the quality required to make this blend.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label has the authentic character and flavor of a traditional nineteenth century blend, just like those that John Walker and his son Alexander developed for their most valued customers.

The perfect serve of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is to cool the palate with a glass of ice-cold spring water and then take a slight sip of the cherished whisky from a snifter. Serving not to exceed 1.5 ounces.

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